This blog was founded in the spring of 2013 by Darren L. Smith as one of the very few minority political blogs in Kansas City. I decided to start writing this blog after constant bugging from my baby sister, who has been successful blogging in her own right talking about diabetes.

So after years of catching grief I just up and decided to write about my thoughts of life here in Kansas City, the horrible, sad, affairs of the city of Kansas City and its inept political leaders, especially those who represent the 3rd and 5th Districts. In my 35 years of living, I have never seen such politically and utterly stupid council members in all life. Something has to be done, something has to be said.

I could no longer keep silent, while the suffering of me and my people, black, brown, poor, uninsured people, get left behind while those who sit in the seat of power collect paychecks.

I am a life long resident of Kansas City, Missouri, graduating from Central High School in 1996, attending and graduating Lincoln University (MO) in 2000 (BS Journalism & Political Science) and attending Columbia College.

I have had the good fortune of obtaining a fellow at the White House in 1999, working for Senator Jean Carnahan (2001) and having the opportunity of working for my alma mater for a few years in different capacities (2001-2005).

This blog covers anything I or you, my readers finds interesting – from politics to religion, sports, entertainment and web humor.

I can be contacted at any of these addresses so feel free to add or make contact.

Hotmail/Facetime: rock316@hotmail.com

Yahoo/Facetime: darren_lsmith@yahoo.com

Skype: dsmithdigital


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