Welcome to my blog

My reason for starting this blog, my baby sister, Cherise

My reason for starting this blog, my baby sister, Cherise

My inspiration for starting this blog (my baby sister…and nephew…not hers(!)) is due to my baby sister, Cherise, who has been getting on me over the years about starting my own page up to share my thoughts and feelings about the things that happen in everyday life, whether it relates to me or not. She is a successful blogger with diabetes and now I get to follow in her footsteps. Thanks for the inspiration.

I am a very political person with a particular point of view, a progressive liberal who is allergic to bullshit, whether it comes from the Democrats and no doubt from these crazy-ass Republicans (sorry Scott). I voted for President Obama twice with no regrets and if the Constitution allowed for it, I’d vote for him in 2016.

I also very much enjoy sports as I write and take photos for the Post-Dispatch USA newspaper, a minority-owned paper that is published weekly, and like everyone else I know, I am an avid lover of the television show Scandal (Thursday nights @9:02 on ABC). I have attended my home church all of my 35 years, Metropolitan Spiritual Church of Christ.

I am a family man, even though I have no kids of my own, but I love the huge family that I have been blessed with (including my little dude, my nephew, Baby Andrae). So this page is dedicated to my family, Nina (mother), Lucien (father), Cortez (stepfather), Deloris (stepmother-RIP), Gloria Jean (grandmother-RIP), siblings (Kathy, Celestine, Sonja, Larry, Piggie, Andrae, Arian, Cherise, & Devonte) and all my in-laws and nieces and nephews.

This site will be used to share my thoughts, reactions, and whatever else that comes to mind as it relates to politics, but locally and nationally, sports, entertainment, religion, social media, just whatever comes across my mind that interests me and hopefully interests you.



  1. Melissa · · Reply

    Congrats and good luck!

  2. Celestine Williams · · Reply

    This ought to be quite interesting. Look forward to your thoughts. 🙂

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