The Republican Autopsy

The Republican Autopsy

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus addressing the media at the National Press Club

Within the last week, Republicans have been shooting themselves in the foot trying to figure out why they lost the 2012 elections. According to Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, who actually spent money commissioning a report (, they lost the election because they, “Had too many debates, said stupid things, were on the wrong side of many social issues, etc.”

So what have they learned since November? Obviously, not much. Since that time, we’ve had the incident in Sandy Hook, the president’s second inauguration, the fiscal cliff, the sequester, and soon the debt ceiling where Republicans once again threaten the nation’s credit in an attempt for more spending cuts from President Obama.

Not that they will ever listen to me (I pray to the heavens above they don’t) but here is some free advice that might serve them well.

1. As has been stated before, quit being the stupid party!

2. In politics as in life, don’t say EVERYTHING that comes to mind, especially around a microphone or a camera. IJS

3. It’s not always about what you say or even how you say it, but your POLICIES that make you unpopular. People actually like tax cuts, but if all you care about is wealthy people and corporations receiving them and not the everyday person, your chicken is cooked.

4. Try a different form of outreach to minorities. If I can literally count Michael Steele, Allen West, Ben Carson, JC Watts, Bobby Jindal, and Marco Rubio as the extent of your minority outreach…that’s a problem.

5. This should have been the first post, but try not to disrespect the president on a daily basis. I know its hard because of the color of his skin, but damn, do you have to be so obvious?

6. Your policies are outdated. A person can actually be conservative on many issues and liberal on others. It’s called a choice, think about that sometimes.

7. Finally, quit being so damn cheap! You spent one billion dollars trying to kick a black man out the house and now you only intend to spend $10 million to do minority outreach? You’ll need much more than that if you expect to take the White House back in 2016.


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